Practical information

Before you Go

Every French citizen in possession of a national identity card or passport validity can make a living in the West Indies. Nationals of Canada and the United States are admitted without a visa for stays of less than three months, upon official justification of their identity. Minors (including infants) must possess a national identity card. Children may appear on the passport of their parents until the age of 14 years.

Your child traveling alone

Children under 4 years must be accompanied by a passenger aged valid 18 years minimum or hostess (see the company for pricing). From 4 years until the eve of their 12 years, children can travel alone, as passengers UM (Unaccompanied minor).
A minor traveling alone must be provided with an authorization to leave the territory. From 15 years, the child must have an individual passport. The baby is not entitled to a free baggage allowance. Some scheduled airlines can prepare meal trays specifically designed for babies. Learn as you will order this plate (Free delivery) when booking.


Transport of animals

Your pets are allowed on airplanes under certain conditions. Find out before you leave, with your carrier, regarding the regulatory standards of animal transport (dwellings, cages, vaccins…). It is strongly recommended to notify the company, at time of booking, an animal with you, because the number of animals being transported may be limited on some flights of airlines. The animals are distributed : less 5 kg in cabin, more 5 kg cargo (ventilated, heated and pressurized).


What to put in his suitcase

Take what clothes ? Summer clothes all year, Swimwear, t-shirts ... The tuxedo is superfluous, because even in major hotels and restaurants, if we do not Bermuda shorts and sits down on some fins, holding can remain relaxed : polo replaces the shirt and tie. Remember to bring : a backpack, films, sun cream, a Swiss army knife, belt wallet, a raincoat, a scarf to protect you from wind and sun ...



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